Research Interests

Open Macroeconomics, International Finance, Macroeconomics

Publications & Forthcoming

  • "Capital Controls and Foreign Exchange Market Intervention" - Forthcoming in Journal of International Money and Finance [View]

Working Papers

  • "Market Liquidity and International Financial Crises: Theory and Experiment" with David Munro - Submitted
  • "Cost of Floating Exchange Rates: Event Study and Synthetic Control Estimation" with Christopher Limnios [View]
  • "Revisiting PPP Puzzle: Nominal Exchange Rate Rigidity and Region of Inaction" with Seongho Song
  • "A Simple Theoretical Model of Exchange Rate Regime Choice" with Christopher Limnios

Work in Progress

  • "Can the Fed's corridor system divorce money from monetary policy?" with Christopher Limnios
  • "Market Liquidity and International Financial Crises" with David Munro
  • "Exchange Rate Determination in the Three-country Model"
  • "Effect of Capital Controls in Small Open Economy: Regional Approach" with Mario Gonzalez
  • Identification of de facto Exchange Regimes using Structural Breaks in Unit-root Process” with Amit Sen

Awards / Grants

  • University Summer Fellowships - Xavier University (2019)
  • Summer Research Grants - Department of Economics, Xavier University (2018 and 2019)
  • CBRT 2017 Research Awards (3rd place) - Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (2017)